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We provide web hosting solutions for everyone who wants a seamless, secure, and simple way to get online.

We are a Canadian-based company, providing web hosting services with a focus on quality and providing value. We started this business to fill a need for the everyday consumer - a place that provided a safe, secure, and straightforward process for users to get their passions online.

Our goal is to help everyone that has a project, dream, or business grow and do so in a way that is seamless, secure, and affordable. We strive to provide high-speed technology, top-class customer service, and payment flexibility so as your hopes and dreams evolve, so can your digital presence.

We are Hostnee. And we are here to get you started.

Our Values


We stand by our morals in everything we do. We know what is right, and respect those who do the same.


We are open and upfront, and will speak our mind to get our point across in a genuine way.


We are open minded and reasonable in our decision making, and lead by example.


We stand by our decisions and will own up when a mistake has been made.

Our Team

We are highly motivated and driven to promote and improve the quality of our services for our customers regularly. We are constantly pushing the bounds of technology as we become the foremost providers of quality, affordability, and reliability.

Our team is made up of dedicated individuals, and experts in their fields who give themselves night and day towards ensuring that your experience is optimal every single time.

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Software Engineer

Our Mission

To Bring Our Customers Passions Online.

Our Mission statement is what we strive to do as an organization, and guides us into the future.

Our Vision

Continuously innovating our web-hosting technology and delivering value-driven, high-quality service.
Our Vision is how we are going to achieve our Mission, and is what we aim to do every signal day as we work towards our goals.

Our Services

Below are some of our services:


There are hundreds of TLDs available for registration and transfer.

Shared hosting

This is very affordable and reliable and can be ordered from the customers’ panel.

Dedicated server

You can resell our dedicated server and make profit as they are very affordable to resell.

VPS & VPS Cloud

As soon as payment is made for a VPS cloud order, it becomes automatically available.

Reseller hosting

We have a host of guaranteed resources and various web hosting plans to fit your pocket size.

Trusted By Clients And Industry Experts.

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We Are Hostnee Web Hosting and Resellers Platform. Hostnee is a Canadian based company, providing web hosting services with a focus on quality and value.

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